Interested in making a difference in Cape Town?

Scholarships are one way to make a lasting impact in a students life.

Daybreak Academy

Daybreak Academy is an affordable choice, making education available to students who cannot afford a quality education. 

To keep school affordable we need scholarships to help cover costs.  


$25 per month covers; school supplies, printed material, online classes and text books for 1 student.


$50 per month covers; Hot healthy lunch daily for 1 student-for many students this is their main meal.


$100 per month covers; all school supplies listed above, a hot lunch daily, extra classes and a school uniform.


$350 per month pays a part time teachers salary. It provides one on one attention and keeps class sizes small. It allows us to pay a livable wage.

Operating Costs

We need help to grow and succeed in South Africa!

The student scholarships help cover the cost for each student attending DBA but do not cover other things like; staff salaries, overall operating costs, transport, building projects, salary for the Fransman family, etc.

Staff salaries:  Daybreak Academy currently employs 5 local staff members and we rely completely on donations to pay their salaries. With the move and school growth we will be hiring at least 2 more staff in 2021- A driver and teacher’s assistant. Donations to “staff salary” will go towards helping local South Africans earn a living. Our needed budget to pay staff is currently $3,500 monthly and covers all our local staff.


Operating costs: we need to keep the lights on, pay the mortgage, utilities, home & car insurance, internet, phones, security etc. Donations to the general budget help cover these expenses. 


We provide transport to our students on a daily basis. Donations to "transport" will go towards transporting the students from their homes to school and back daily as well as all outings.


We have lost the current property we rent and are in the process of buying a larger property (Move in date is set for mid April). Donations toward "building" will go towards renovations and building projects on the new property currently estimated at $30,000.

Please note: Scholarships do NOT cover the following; Staff salaries, living expenses or reimbursements. They do not cover any admin fees, taxes, bank charges, fundraising fees etc. To DONATE to any other area please visit our

general donations page