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Interested in making a difference in Cape Town?

Scholarships are one way to make a lasting impact in a students life.

Daybreak Academy

To keep school affordable we need scholarships to help cover costs.  

$50 per month covers; school supplies, printed material, online classes and text books for 1 student. 


$100 per month covers; all school supplies listed above, a hot lunch daily, and transportation for 1 student.


$500 per month is a full scholarship for 1 student and covers everything associated with their education and time at Daybreak Academy. This is the amount we pay to educate 1 child monthly.  

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Operating Costs

Staff salaries:  OHCP is proud to employ local staff members and we rely completely on donations to pay their salaries.

Donations to “staff salary” will go towards helping local South Africans earn a living. 


Operating costs: we need to keep the lights on, pay the mortgage, etc. Donations to the general budget help cover these expenses. 

 Donations toward "building" will go towards renovations and building projects on the new property.

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We need help to grow and succeed in South Africa!
For general donations please visit our general donations page

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