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Meet The Team


Eddie Fransman

Eddie is not only our founder but runs many critical programs. He is the principal of Daybreak Academy and the contact person for parents and prospective students.


He is our master gardener and teaches students how to grow and cook food.  He keeps the school up and running by tackling the building projects, overseeing volunteers and mission trips and providing essential support to our staff.

Eddie is also a devoted father and Home Schools his younger two children. He is involved in the worship at Church and is on staff at Youth With A Mission.


Kristen Fransman

Kristen is our managing director and wears many hats at Open Hands Community Project. She is in charge of running most of the behind the scenes work including keeping up with emails, newsletters, fundraising and other office tasks.


She is also the main teacher and overseer for Daybreak Academy. She teaches many subjects, does the record keeping for accreditation, provides emotional support for students and runs many of the day to day tasks. 


Margret Beukes

Margret is our grade 8 foundations teacher and the second graduate from Daybreak Academy.  

She graduated with an American High School diploma in 2020. She worked for us in 2021 and 2022 as a teachers assistant while going to school to get her certificate in teaching. 

She also worked as a tutor at Clever Kids, helping students in grades 8 & 9 with their homework and projects.

Takaindisa Zvidzai


Tertuis Zimmerman

Tertus has spent his life in service to South Africa's youth. During the last 20 years he has been involved in a spectrum of educational institutions, both private and governmental, from early childhood to senior phase.


Jamie O'Ryan

Jamie graduated from Daybreak Academy in 2022. With a passion for math he has come back to tutor our math classes from foundations up to algebra 2


Keziah Ruffer

Keziah graduated in 2022 and has come back to be our office assistant, teachers aid and tutor the younger Fransman kids.


Lucia Kanengoni

Lucia joined our staff in 2017 and is a critical part of our team. She helps plan for and cooks the students nutritious meals. She also keeps the school clean and helps with daily tasks we are not able to get too.


Takaindisa is the groundskeeper and overseer of the vegetable gardens, fruit forest and livestock on the property. He is crucial part of the team, making sure we grow healthy food to feed the students and one day us it to bless the community around us. 

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