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In Jan 2018 OHCP opened a small "cottage" school offering a subsidized, loving, safe and encouraging environment for students in grade 8-12. Small class sizes allow one-on-one attention for students, opportunities to address the educational gaps and encourage students to a brighter future. Taking the financial burden of school fees off of parents and students while still getting a quality education allows families to put more money towards basic needs.


Students work towards an American High School diploma through an accredited private school in the USA. For those who desire to study further, the American diploma is accepted at collages and universities. 


In South Africa, grade 8 is considered High School but for the American diploma it is not. This difference between programs allows us to have the freedom to focus on filling educational gaps. Most of our day is spent on reading comprehension, writing basics, foundational math and critical thinking skills. We also cover basic South Africa history, earth science, physical education and study skills. This is our smallest class as the students need more one-on-one attention and individualized curriculum. Our grade 8 program allows the students a full year of foundations and learning new ways to learn. 


The High School program we use allows for a wide range of topics to be covered. Students have freedom to choose electives but all take the following core classes: English, math, geography, world history, South African history, science, physical education, personal finance, creative arts, health, life skills and ethics. Some of the electives we currently offer; photography, leadership, Bible, SAT prep, Spanish, government, horticulture, cooking, and study skills. 


Both the grade 8 and High School programs focus on more than just education. We offer a comprehensive approach to learning where educators seek to address the emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs of students in an integrated learning format. We hold discussions on real world issues, encourage questions, critical thinking and applying what they have learned in their lives and communities. We teach practical real world skills like cooking, gardening, wood working, basic maintenance, soft skills, interview skills and how to budget money. Our aim is that students will be prepared for life after high school.


We also offer a daily bible study program for students who are interested.  While we know that education provides a way for these students to have a better life, we also know that the gospel brings hope and good news.  Studying God's word and learning to pray will help them find hope for their future. 


Daybreak Academy gives students a great chance at a brighter future.

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