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Holiday Camps

The South African school year is on average 40 weeks long with breaks spread out over the                               remaining 12 weeks.  During the holidays there is very little for kids in the communities to do.  Many spend the days playing in the streets and getting into mischief.  Many parents cannot afford to take them anywhere or send them to a camp. 


OHCP hosted our 1st overnight Bible camp in June 2017. The students had an opportunity to learn and play in a fun age appropriate setting and help develop relationships.  We had times of worship, bible study, devotions as well as fun extracurricular activities like music, dance, games and crafts. 


Since then we have hosted a 4 day bible camp every year except 2020 due to COVID. We love getting teams from overseas to help run the camp and build relationships with the students. During all of the overnight camps we have enjoyed a lot of laughter, amazing games, good food, craft projects, worship and deep conversations on who God is. 


Starting in 2021 we will be adding a week-long leadership camp for the students at Daybreak Academy as well as day camps for younger students in the area.

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