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Buckles United Soccer

We are very excited to be partnering with Buckles United, a soccer program in the neighboring community of Masibumbane (also called Masi). The founder of Buckles, Aya, has a heart for providing boys a safe productive outlet after school.  Aya grew up in Masi and knows firsthand how strong the pull to drugs and violence is for these boys. The goal of the program is to provide physical training, self discipline, positive male role models, encourage teamwork and foster a sense of purpose. When Eddie and Kristen heard Aya’s heart for his ministry they knew they wanted to be more involved.

Right now being more involved means:

  • Building relationships with the boys at practices and games

  • Working to get the field cleared so they aren’t playing on top of weeds and prickers barefoot

  •  Helping to source needed practice/ game gear

  • Raising funds to provide snacks


One way we are accomplishing these goals is by doing a soccer gear drive in the USA this summer (June 2022) and raising additional funds towards the soccer program.


As OHCP continues to build relationships with Aya and the more than 80 boys he works with ages 6-25, please pray that God would continue to open doors into this community. We hope that over time the relationships we build, will bring opportunities for OHCP to provide education based materials and additional support in this vulnerable community.



If you are interested in being a collection site for soccer equipment,

please email Jenna Hanson at  


Donations for the soccer program can be sent via venmo to: KristenFransman@OpenHandsCommunityProject

or via any of the other giving options for OHCP. 

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